academic citizenship
referee service
sandia national laboratory
  • Representative on university recruiting team; attend 1-2 on-campus events annually (Fall 2014 - present)
  • Session chair for Oral Session 4: Technique Extensions in 7th International Workshop on Laser-Induced Incandescence (June 2016)
stanford university
  • Hanson Research Group
    • Completely redesigned Hanson Laboratory Group Website:
    • Created new desk arrangement in laboratory to incorporate seven students in an inviting environment which encourages collaboration
    • Produced extensive documentation concerning procedures for ordering parts, traveling to conferences, working important machinery, etc.
    • Updated two important shock-calculator programs; transcribed code from FORTRAN to MATLAB
    • Organized regular social events including waffle-making, ice cream-making, and Pi Day
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
    • Student representative on committee overseeing redesign of two Thermoscience Division buildings (Bldgs 520 and 524)
    • Member of the Building Assessment Team (BAT) to quickly determine the safety of university buildings immediately following an earthquake
    • Member of the Building Evacuation Response Team (BERT) to ensure that laboratory is clear of personnel following a disaster situation
    • Provided advice/guidance for students applying to the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) fellowship
    • Attended orientation events for new and prospective students, including serving as a laboratory tour guide
duke university
  • Alumni admissions interviewer; interview 3-4 prospective undergraduate students each fall and write report for each student (Fall 2009 - present)